Taking over the Market of Turkey: Milkos, Bimal and Klas presented their Products

sajam1(4)Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH organized participation of BiH companies in the food industry fair “WorldFood Istanbul in 2016”, which was held from the 1st to the 4th of September 2016. They received the support from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH.

Exhibitors at the fair were dairy Milkos Sarajevo, Klas, Dukat – Tesanj, Bimal – Brcko and Vita Life – Visoko, who presented their offers on the stand.

This was also an opportunity for the realization of direct meetings with representatives of supermarkets in Turkey and interested partners.

Director of Milkos, Adin Fakic, said that this is one of the largest fairs in the world.

“We were the only BH dairy and first to get permission to export to Turkey and now we are focusing on this market, which is interesting not only because of the number of population but also because of the large number of people who are coming from our region,” said Fakic, adding that they focused on the EU and countries in the region in the past.

Apart from feta cheese, recognizable Milkos product, now were presented sour cream, natural water Ella and ice tea Ella.

The aim of participation in this fair was to introduce products that have global character and which are recognized both in Turkey and in the wider region. This primarily refers to the Royal white soft feta cheese for which in Milkos believe that, similar to the project with meat, it can be very significant for BiH and farmers who are producing milk.

“Milkos has a great capacity for production of this cheese (which need 5 liters of milk for production of 1 kg), which means that all surplus milk would be purchased in the case of placement on the market of Turkey, which would maintain stability in the sector and preserve the purchase price of milk. We hope that the Council of Ministers of BiH will recognize the importance of the project and provide support to Milkos and farmers.”

Natasa Pucar, the director of Corporate Communication of Studen Holding, said that BH companies got a chance to introduce themselves thanks to cooperation with the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

“Turkish market is large, and there were a lot of representatives from the Middle East. We have made good contacts and we had a very successful presentation,” said Pucar.

At the same time, the Fair of packaging and equipment for food industry (IPACK) was held as well, and BH exhibitors had the opportunity to get introduced with a range of equipment and new technologies for the production and packaging of food.


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