Windmills Mesihovina are the first Major Step of BiH towards Renewable Energy

We are reading the announcements about the construction of power plants that would use the immense wind potential in our country for more than 10 years. Elektroprivreda HZ HB is the first to actually do something, and it is finalizing works on the construction of Wind Farm Mesihovina at the western border of BiH, in Tomislavgrad.

The project of the Wind Farm Mesihovina in the Municipality of Tomislavgrad is the first project in the sector of wind energy in BiH that reached this phase, and Elektroprivreda HZ HB established a special organizational unit for its implementation.

Basic technical data on the Wind Power Plant Mesihovina include that it is located in the central part of the Municipality of Tomislavgrad. It will have 22 wind turbines type SWT-2.3-108 with a total installed capacity of 50.6 MW and the annual production of 165 GWh. In comparison to other wind farms in the region, Mesihovina belongs to the group of the largest ones by installed power.

The total estimated investment amounts to 81 million EUR. Elektroprivreda HZ HB provided the funds needed for this project with the help of the Government of Germany and its donation in the amount of 1 million EUR, the loan of KfW in the amount of 71 million EUR as well as the help of its own funds.

Propellers should start turning by the end of this year, and wind farm should be put into operation. Then, Tomislavgrad will become a real center of renewable energy in our country.

“With the realization of the WF Mesihovina, besides the construction of new generation capacities in Elektroprivreda HZ HB, the conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and industry will be also improved, new workplaces will be secured as well as job for numerous companies for the execution of works, delivery and equipment installation. The road infrastructure will be improved as well, together with numerous other benefits for the community, especially local one,” as previously announced from this company.

Mesihovina is not the only similar project in our country. It was talked about at least a dozen windmills in recent years, mostly in Herzegovina.

Elektroprivreda BiH has been constructing the Wind Power Plant Podvelezje, east of Mostar, for a long time. They are planning 15 wind turbines with installed capacity of 48 MW and an estimated production of 120 GWh on an annual basis. The investment for this project amounts to 83.2 million BAM, and most of the funds are secured by a loan from the same creditor as WF Mesihovina. A similar project is taking place on the other side of the entity line in the Municipality of Berkovici, where the funds were secured for WF Hrgud.

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