Will Women with Three or more Children in Bosnia-Herzegovina get Lifetime Salary?


In Montenegro, for three years, mothers who have three or more children are entitled to the so-called lifetime salary. It is a Law on Social and Child Welfare, which offers a lifetime salary, in addition to mothers, to parents or guardians of children with special needs. In the past, there was the idea by the Alliance for a Better Future Party, that every mother who gives birth to three children should receive retirement status for the rest of her life, which was supported by representatives of some other parties.

Experts point out that the issue of birth rates in 5 to 10 years will become a big problem not only in our country but also in the countries of the region, so this would be a very significant incentive measure for the birth rate.

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy points out that any measure that can help birth rates, stimulation and stability in society is welcomed.

“The idea of a living wage for mothers who give birth to three or more children, should be given attention. First of all, it is necessary to make amendments to the Law on Labor and Family and to carry out a detailed analysis,” Federal Minister of Labor and Social Policy Vesko Drljaca told Avaz newspapers.

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