Will the direct Air Line Sarajevo-Greece be established?

June 30, 2015 1:15 PM

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For tourists from B&H, the Adriatic used to be a traditional summer vacation destination, but in recent years Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan have emerged as alternatives for those with deeper pockets.

However, due to the political crisis in North Africa, Egypt and Tunisia are looking less attractive and Jordan has become uninviting because of the war in neighboring Syria. On the other hand, those who have been spending their vacation in Turkey for years already feel fed up, and there are not many other countries around the Mediterranean Sea that remains to be visited.

Since Spain, Italy and France are quite expensive for our citizens, Greece has emerged as an alternative.

For years, a substantial number of citizens from the smaller BH entity-the Republic of Srpska, have been spending vacations in this Mediterranean country, while Greece is just now becoming interesting for the citizens of the FB&H.

Despite the economic crisis, Greece has reduced prices of hotel and restaurant services in order to attract more tourists. This is one of the major reasons this destination is becoming tempting to our citizens now.

International Airport Sarajevo open for Cooperation

The Director General of the International Airport Sarajevo Ivan Veličan said that, until now, there were no concrete requests for establishing direct charter flights to Greece, due to summer tourist season.

‘’By this I mean that the International Airport Sarajevo has not received a request of any charter company for conducting flights of this type. At one time, there was an interest of the airline BWA airlines for realization of flights from Sarajevo to Athens, for which the flights were conducted by the Greece airline Hermes airlines. However, they have suspended their air operations completely, due to reasons known to them’’, said Veličan.

(Source: ekapija.ba)

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