Will the Citizens of BiH wait for the Vaccine against the Coronavirus as Humanitarian Aid?

The procurement of coronavirus vaccines and the fact that BiH is lagging behind all other European countries in this regard have completely exposed the entire chaos in our state apparatus and the illusion of the existence of some kind of a system.

BiH has not passed the exam with the vaccine case, and the next steps through improvisation could only be more caricatured. In the end, the whole immunization process in our country will become a problem, starting with the disorganization and chaos in which our country is, chronic lack of money and the lack of a correct list of priorities, to the legal framework, Klix.ba writes.

It is completely tragicomic that there is a state in which the legal framework can be a problem for such an important process, for which there is a consensus in our country as well. Emergency procedure, joint session and change of law exist because of these cases, even though they can sometimes be misused for trivia.

The incompetence of the state government to manage to build an efficient system for the most urgent things in a year of a pandemic, forces the lower levels of government to try something. And while in RS there is a classic mantra, centralism and the reliance on Belgrade, in the Federation, everything seems to go in complete “disarray”.

On Friday, federal deputies first started warning Prime Minister Fadil Novalic that this entity could not start procuring vaccines that were not approved in the EU, and then the Ministry of Health started clarifying what the Prime Minister said and thought and asked for information on the Russian and Chinese vaccine.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Novalic said at a meeting with two colleagues organized just for this topic that money is not a problem, that it exists in the new budget and that he is ready to buy any type of vaccine that appears on the market – both Russian and Chinese.

The cantons, on the other hand, have been trying to improvise for more than 15 days and make their own agreement, to find a way to the necessary immunization, and it all started with the doctors and their union, who tried to start things from scratch.

Problems with the immunization process are present elsewhere as well, since vaccines are necessity good and are needed more than anything in recent decades. Countries in the region that are already vaccinating their citizens, such as Croatia, have spent all the purchased quantities and are waiting for new ones. Kosovo said that it had provided 500.000 doses from Pfizer, while Serbs announced last weekend that they had provided one million doses of Chinese Sinopharm.

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