Will stricter Restrictions be introduced in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The increasingly difficult epidemiological situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) threatens the introduction of stricter restriction measures which were announced in several cantons.

The increase in the number of newly infected citizens with coronavirus in the last few days is a sign of a new infection wave. These bad prognoses were announced by the doctor from the General Hospital Sarajevo, Dragan Djokanovic, who saw the cause of such a scenario in the past winter season.

“So far, every twentieth person of those who has been diagnosed with covid has died, so it is formally registered that they died from covid. That is 50.000 people per million inhabitants. If it has happened so far, before Jahorina, and we know that this mountain is a covid bomb in January, not only for BiH but for the whole of Europe, you will see what will happen in the following months when all these people separate and go away, ” Djokanovic pointed out.

We can see the relaxation of citizens who often do not respect protection measures on the streets of BiH cities, despite many warnings from epidemiologists. Citizens are not in favor of introducing tighter measures, and they point out that those who adopt these measures do not adhere to them consistently.

Respondents of the survey said:

“Personally, I stick to the rules as much as I can, I hold the mask until my head starts to ache from it. However, I’m not really for stricter measures because, I don’t know, I think that all of this is just exaggerated. “

“People respect measures in my shop, but they don’t respect them outside. Firstly, the crisis staff ordered through the police that everyone must wear a mask, and the employees of the police do not wear it. “

“I am against stricter measures, because it is not clear to me that people like officials can celebrate, travel, walk, while the poor cannot. “

In several federal cantons, however, they are announcing the introduction of stricter measures if the growth trend of newly infected with coronavirus continues.

“Right now, we have not yet thought about concrete measures that could be taken, but what we will certainly appeal to is to strengthen the supervision and control over the implementation of current measures,” told Bozo Juric, the Minister of Health of Tuzla Canton.

In both Sarajevo and West Herzegovina cantons, authorities are considering tightening of measures. However, this cyclical introduction of stricter measures and then their mitigation is just a game of decisions on paper that one part of the citizens always follows, while the others consistently ignore it, BHRT writes.

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