When will start the Reconstruction of Sarajevo Airport?

September 25, 2017 9:00 AM

As announced by the International Airport of Sarajevo, everything is ready for reconstruction of the Sarajevo Airport to start according to plans, or at the end of the year, as it was announced earlier.

Spokeswoman of the International Airport Sarajevo Sanja Bagaric-Arnaut noted that it is planned to double the existing capacity with the project “Modernization and extension of Terminal B”, so that the Sarajevo Airport should be able to serve about two million passengers annually after this expansion.

The value of the project is 38 million BAM. All of this, according to Bagaric-Arnaut, will be an extremely strong financial injection for the wider region of Sarajevo.

The deadline for completion of works according to current plans should be about 18 months.

At that point, around 20 airline companies, including seasonal and charter flights, are connecting Sarajevo with approximately the same number of destinations. The Airport Sarajevo provides flights to: Zagreb, Vienna, Istanbul, Stockholm, Munich, Sharjah, Dubai, Cologne, Zurich, Zurich, Ljubljana, Budapest, Oslo, Antalya, and Copenhagen, and from there to any other part of the world.

Bagaric-Arnaut noted that, despite the competition, the International Airport Sarajevo is working hard to attract new companies, and we are working to adapt our approach to the individual and specific needs of each airline.

“For example, this year was recorded a constant increase in the number of passengers, and only in the month of August we had the largest number of passengers served in a single month in the history of the Airport, and we recorded a significant financial gain as well,” she added.

(Source: klix.ba)


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