What will be the Price of Seasonal Ski Tickets this Year?

November 29, 2017 8:00 AM

Company ZOI’84 announced the final pricelist for ski-tickets for the winter season 2017/2018 on Bjelasnica and Igman. As already announced, last year’s prices were returned. The only change is that seasonal family tickets were excluded, and tickets for children were introduced.

To recall, after this company announced new, higher prices for ski-tickets at the beginning of November, the Government of the CS requested for the prices to be returned to the previous amount, and the Supervisory Board of this company made a decision to cancel the decision on the price increase 7 days ago.

They made a decision then to return the prices of the ski tickets to last year’s amount.

Aware of the fact that the prices of last year’s ski-ticket could result in a loss, the Supervisory Board of this company requested from the Government of the CS to compensate any possible loss from the budget for 2018, and the Government of CS agreed on that condition.

According to the new decision, children’s season tickets were introduced instead of family tickets, and they can be bought at the price of 200 BAM for every child up to 15 years.

(Source: klix.ba)


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