Will the OHR finally do something about the Election Law in BiH?

January 24, 2018 12:30 PM

The international community, which is actively represented in BiH by the Delegation of the European Union and the Embassy of the United States with the expert assistance of the OHR, has been coordinating between political actors in BiH for months, with the aim to provide an adequate solution for the amendments to the Election Law. However, considering the current mood of political parties, the Election Law will not be changed unless “imposed” by the OHR.

The story of discrimination, constituency and representation of certain peoples and groups in BiH overlaps in one point, and that is the right of everyone to elect and be elected within the Election Law of BiH. Considering this, the international community in BiH, with expert assistance from the OHR, has been organizing conversations and meetings of political actors in BiH with the aim to reach compromise for months.

This approach gave no results so far, and it is supported by the fact that there are two proposals to amend the Election Law in the House of Representatives, one of them being the proposal of HNS, i.e. the HDZ BiH, and the other is the proposal of SDA. If we take the current relations and established positions of political partners into consideration, it is hard to expect that any of these proposals will be adopted.

Considering the fact that we are entering a deep political crisis, we can start questioning until when will the OHR wait to make some concrete moves.

“As the OHR and the wider international community made it clear, it is very important that the relevant BH authorities undertake all the necessary steps with the aim to ensure implementation of the elections of 2018 as well as the implementation of electoral results. They are also urged to refrain from unilateral moves that could only jeopardize the elections as well as the political stability of our country. The international community is getting involved in order to facilitate communication among political parties, which should lead to the amendments to electoral rules and the implementation of the elections,” as stated from the OHR.

“The OHR strongly supports the process of agreements and urges all political parties to focus on finding solutions to this important issue through mutual compromise,” as concluded from this institution.

(Source: S. Hambo/Klix.ba)



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