What will be the lowest Salary in the RS next year?

The lowest salary in the RS will be increased to 410 BAM next year, and will be increased by 15 BAM in comparison to the previous one.

President of the Union of Associations of Employers of the RS Dragutin Skrebic noted that this is a compromise that they agreed on.

“We, in the Union, accepted the increase of the lowest salary because of the workers, and we hope that this increase will contribute to the increase of the average salary as well. We need to increase their salaries because we need those workers. The lowest salary is not our problem, but what comes out of it,” stated Skrebic after the session of the Economic and Social Council of the RS.

The Minister of Labor Milenko Savanovic is satisfied with the achieved agreement between social partners.

“There was no persuasion and everyone realized that we should go in that direction,” noted Minister Savanovic.

He also added that they expect from the inspections to do their part of the job in order to fight against the work on the black market.


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