How will the Fast Road Lasva-Travnik be financed?

March 28, 2017 9:00 AM

City Highway sarajevski.baThe FBiH will use their part of 116 million EUR of Russian clearing debt for the construction of the fast road Lasva – Travnik.

With the distribution of funds from the clearing debt, the highest percentage belongs to the FBiH. A total of 131 million BAM will go to FBiH, slightly more than 65 million BAM to the RS, 22.7 million BAM to state institutions and 6.8 million BAM to Brcko District.

“The first phase of construction of the fast road Lasva-Nevic Polje-Travnik will start this summer. It is almost 24 kilometers long section , and the value of the investment is estimated at around 183 million EUR “, said the director of Highways of FBiH, Adnan Terzic.

From the collection of clearing debt was secured 120 million, while the remaining amount of funds will be requested from other sources.

Construction of the fast road from Lasva to Travnik, and then to Jajce, is one of the strategic infrastructure projects of the Government of the FBiH. For the construction of the road from Travnik to Jajce is needed about 550 million BAM.

It will be a fast road with two separated roads, each with two traffic lanes. On this section are planned 3 tunnels and 18 bridges and viaducts.



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