What will be built in the FBiH this Year?

January 8, 2018 11:45 AM

Minister of Transport and Communications of the FBiH Denis Lasic stated that this year is planned completion of sub-sections Drivusa-Klopce and Klopce-Donja Gracanica and he also announced the realization of the program “Modernization of Roads in the FBiH” as well as investment in Avio Infrastructure in the FBiH, in order for airports in the FBiH to be were even more competitive to airports in the region.

In 2017 were completed 10 kilometers of the modern highway section of Svilaj – Odzak, the northernmost part of the Corridor 5C, and on that part is planned the construction of Svilaj Bridge and the border crossing, noted Lasic, and added that the construction of the previously open construction sites of subsections Drivusa – Klopce, Klopce – Donja Gracanica, considering that the completion of works on the subcetion Drivusa – Klopce is expected in the first half of this year.

According to minister, in 2018 is planned the completion of subsection Drivusa – Klopce (2.3 km) and Klopce – Donja Gracanica (5.7 km).

Moreover, they planned the beginning of the construction on subsections: Pocitelj – Zvirovici (11 km), as well as the construction of the highway tunnel Vraca – tunnel Pecuj with Zenica loop north (4 km), Pocitelj – Buna (7 km), Ponirak – Vraca (2,7 km), Vranduk – Ponirak (5,3 km), Nemila – Vranduk (5,7 km), Tunnel Kvanj – Buna (5 km) and Tarcin – Ivan (7 km).

When it comes to fast roads, they are planning the construction of the subsection Lasva – Nevic polje (Lot 1) 24 km, the first phase of the section Praca – Gorazde (13 km), the first phase of Mostar – Siroki Brijeg (border with the Republic of Croatia) 3 km, the Sarajevo Bypass Lot 3B (1,5 km) and the section Tuzla – Zepce (5,5 km).

When it comes to operations of airports, Minister Lasic recalled that there are three international airports in the FBiH – Sarajevo International Airport, Tuzla International Airport and Mostar Airport. According to him, all three airports are capable of accepting and dispatching airplanes and passengers and they have licenses from international airports.

“One of the aims of the Ministry is to invest in the Aviation in the FBiH in order to offer a quality level of service and in order for the airports in the FBiH to fulfill the high international standards of ICAO and Eurocontrol and to be even more competitive,” stated Minister Lasic.

(Source: fokus.ba)



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