Will BiH manage to respond to the Questionairre of the European Commission by June 1?

May 7, 2017 12:00 PM

Parlament-BiHThe administrative bodies and relevant ministries of FBiH fulfilled the task of the Government of the FBiH and submitted their answers to the Questionnaire of the European Commission, which BiH should submit until June 1, as confirmed by the Vice President of the Commission for the European Integration and the employee of the Office for European Integration of the Government of FBiH, Adnan Tatar.

After they delivered the Questionnaire on December 9, last year, the European Commission gave a deadline of 6 months to the Government of BiH to answer, in order to start the process of drafting the avis or giving an opinion on candidate status for BiH.

“It is already clear that we will not be able to submit answers until June 1, because the Coordination Mechanism, although adopted, was not operationalized. So far, a total of two bodies of the Coordination Mechanism have been established, the Collegium and the Commission for the European Integration, but we do not have the basic bodies, 33 working groups, on the chapters of the acquis, which would be the main carrier of the entire process,” said Tatar.

Answers from the RS were not entered in the Information System.

Only for the process of translating answers, on which will work about 100 translators, will be needed at least 30 days.

He explained that answers must be coordinated in order to be treated as a response of BiH so that the European Commission could have a comprehensive insight into the political, legislative, social, economic and administrative system of our country.

The conclusion of the European Commission in the analysis of answers to questions from the Questionnaire will be included in the opinion on the application for membership, whose key content is recommendation of the European Commission on the status of a candidate country that applied for membership and the opening of negotiations, at which the EU Council will base its final decision.

(Source: klix.ba)


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