Why do Citizens of Bosnia have to wait for the only Cure for Coronavirus?

Bosnia and Herzegovina could receive vaccines against coronavirus in the second quarter of 2021, the Federal Ministry of Health announced. Unlike the countries of the region, which have already procured the first doses of vaccines by direct agreement with the producers, our country is waiting for the delivery of vaccines. Bosnia and Herzegovina will procure vaccines against coronavirus through COVAX, ie the Instrument for Global Access to Vaccines against COVID-19 and the European Mechanism, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina said.

“One million and 230 doses were ordered for 20 percent of the population. The Federation paid the remaining funds on time. The funds are in the account of the Global Alliance for Vaccines (GAVI), but no vaccine manufacturer has the green light to continue, until regulatory procedures are passed at the European Medicines Agency, “said the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The Federation of BiH has requested 800,000 doses of vaccines. In the first round, two doses are given, which is enough for 400,000 people, the Federal health ministry said.

“We expect 20 percent of vaccines for 20 percent of the population in the first wave. The first will get medical workers who have to be really willing to fight yet there to make sure they can provide the answer that we don’t have 50 percent of health workers on sick leave because of Covid. So they, the police, those who are at the border, then we come to social institutions, homes for the elderly and people over 60, “said the assistant of the Federal Ministry of Health, Goran Cerkez.

For the Republika Srpska, 400 thousand doses are planned for 200 thousand citizens.

The reason why our country acted differently from the countries of the region in the procurement of vaccines is that there was no initiative of the entity competent ministries towards the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs for direct negotiations with manufacturers, the ministry told BHRT, adding that the entities can start direct negotiations.

Apparently, citizens of BiH will still wait for the only cure for coronavirus.

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