Who is Mysterious Man in Black who has been drawing the Attention of Residents of Sarajevo?


In the past few days, a mysterious man has been drawing the attention of residents of Sarajevo and tourists in front of Ferhadija mosque.

With a printed message under his feet and a mask on his face, this man intrigued the passersby.

Many wondered who this “interesting passenger in black” who was hiding his face.

On a piece of paper, without a single mistake, it says that he is from Turkey, that he is “doing” a world tour, and that he would be happy if someone supported him, and all interested can see hiss profile on Instagram under the name of Volkan Kurnazoglu.

While there were passers-by who didn’t ask him anything but just left money, others wondered if it was a performance. What is the true truth remains to be seen in the days to come, if his mission remains the same, Klix.ba reports.

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