Who is blocking the Work of BiH’s Council of Ministers?

Since April 4th, there was no session of the Council of Ministers and only one urgent session over the phone was held on May 14th.

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina at this emergency session has just made a telephone call on what cannot wait for the new call.

They thus tasked the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina for acting in accordance with the Conclusions of the 2nd Regular Session of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina concerning the Information on the State of Migration in BiH regarding the increased inflow of migrants to BiH.

But it seems that the ministers simply cannot get together to do their job. It is speculated that the reason for this is a boycott of finance, justice and defense ministers Vjekoslav Bevande, Josip Grubesa and Marina Pendes from HDZ party, which is why no quorum exists.

According to the Law on the Council of Ministers, the session must be attended by one minister from every nation’s rank.

However, Minister Grubesa earlier rejected such allegations and said the party knows who is planning a session, auditing on the chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic.

Earlier, it was stated from the Chairman’s cabinet that there was no session because of the EBRD’s Annual Conference, and given that the conference is already over, it remains unclear why there are no sessions.

Certainly, until the appointment of a new Council of Ministers, all the important issues will be on hold, Patria News Agency reports.

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