Which Three Industries are crucial for the Development of Canton Sarajevo?

September 30, 2015 7:45 AM

meeting canton sarajevoEconomic and social council for the area of Canton Sarajevo held yesterday a public debate about the strategy of the development of Canton Sarajevo until 2020.

That is a strategic document that directs the development, sets priorities in the development and represents a guideline for the overall development of Canton Sarajevo when taking into account all its dimensions: economic, social, environmental and spatial. Strategy of the development sets goals and priorities of the development of Canton Sarajevo, way of their realization, financial and institutional framework for the implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

It was emphasized that this is one of the most important documents and a foundation of the development of economy in our canton. Sarajevo has a potential to be tourist, educational and health center in the country but the region as well.

Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo, Elmedin Konakovic, who attended the debate as a member of the Economic and social council of Canton Sarajevo, stated the three most important fields recording a growth in Canton Sarajevo, and which were defined by the Government as generators of the development. Those are tourism, IT sector and wood-metal industry.

It is a common attitude that education is a strategic segment, which can open new workplaces, and set Canton Sarajevo as a higher education center which wil be more massively visited by students from B&H and abroad. We should use advantages of natural resources of Canton Sarajevo, and enable the opening of new workplaces with the private capital and property of the public sector, through the law on the public-private partnership.

Numerous concrete proposals on the text of this document were given today, and each of social partners, members of the Economic and social council had a chance for it in the future, before establishing a draft document.

(Source: akta.ba)



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