Where will Citizens of BiH travel for the New Year?


Aida Prolaz, a spokeswoman for Centrotrans talked about trips from BiH during the New Year.

“Passengers from BiH are mostly traveling to Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. A large number of passengers also travel to Dubrovnik and Split, only some of them to Zagreb, since we had an organized trip to Advent in Zagreb recently. Interestingly, most travelers and tourists from regional countries are visiting BiH,” said Prolaz.

“We will also have passengers from Germany, Austria and they will welcome the New Year in the bus. Presents for these passengers are ready, drivers will stop and welcome the New Year together with these passengers, after which they will continue their journey.”

This year, the tourist agencies offer a number of interesting destinations for New Year’s Eve.

Sales manager of “Ventura” travel agency Adnan Terzic said that trips are designed according to the wishes and requirements of passengers.

“The interest of BH citizens is facing favorable destinations such as Prague, Rome, Paris and Istanbul who have the lowest ranks of the price this year. Thus, for a trip to Paris for six days you will allocate 339 BAM, while for six days in Istanbul, the price is 315 BAM “, said Terzic.

“We have also offer for six days in Prague as well as the unforgettable destinations such as Vienna, Milan and Venice. Budva is one of the trips that include three days and two nights, as well as Belgrade with three days and two nights. This is the ideal program for young people. Due to the interests of citizens, we extended our first-minute booking and places are filling according to the planned schedule,” said Terzic.

So, the questions is: Where for the New Year?

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