Where will Citizens of BiH celebrate this Year’s Labour Day?

April 21, 2018 9:00 AM

Citizens of BiH are already conducting preparations for the Labour Day.

According to information from travel agencies, many of them will celebrate this international holiday abroad.

“All the arrangements have been sold out long time ago. This is very unusual, because people from the Balkans usually book everything at the very last minute. According to the data, the Labour Day holidays have been more important to people from BiH than the summer holidays. We offered several types of arrangements. Thus, around 450 people will travel to Turkey, Paris, Moscow and St. Petersburg and Hurghada through the “Relax Tours” agency. There is also great interest for the Adriatic Sea, although the prices there are more than high,” said Aida Terzic from the “Relax Tours” agency.

The “Jungle Travels” agency also offered several destinations, and all the places are already reserved.

“Our offer of the trip to Bali was interesting to many, and this magical trip will start on April 29. Around ten of citizens of BiH will celebrate the Labour Day on Bali. The interest for this trip was huge, and we also offered Island, Ireland, Istanbul. Our camping in Greece attracted a lot of attention as well. It is intended for younger people and it is also completely reserved. We are slowly selling out our summer arrangements now, and Thailand, Bali, Cuba and Zanzibar are leading destination, said Muharem Konjalic, the director of Jungles Travel.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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