When will the Section of A1 Klopce-Donja Gracanica Highway be completed?

The section of A1 Klopce-Donja Gracanica highway is one of the most demanding subdivisions on Corridor 5C. Its total length is 5.78 kilometers, and significant works on the section include the construction of four viaducts, two mountain tunnels and a bridge.

The parts of this section are cut by three large landslides: Talami, Ricice and Pehare. For this reason, the execution of works on the entire length of the route is done in geologically complex field conditions, which were not thoroughly processed in the main project, and there were adjustments to the highway route and the extension of the construction deadlines, was stated by Highway of Federation of BiH.

“In addition to the many problems and challenges we encountered in this section, caused by the extremely poor geological and morphological configuration of the soil, we are expecting the completion of the works until the end of the construction season of 2020. The total percentage of the contracted works at section of Klopce-Donja Gracanica is 67 percent,” said Samir Piric, engineer of JP Autoceste FBiH. One of the most demanding construction facilities on this sub-basin is the Babina river bridge, at a maximum height of 120 meters from the river level to the level of road. The final ranges are 110 meters long and the main range is 165 meters.

According to Samir Piric, joining of the right bank of Babina river is expected in mid-September.

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