When will Respirators in Bosnia be certified and put into Operation?

This morning, “Verlab“, which was supposed to verify 18 respirators of the “Silver Raspberry” company, who bought them, at the University Medical Center Tuzla, was prevented from doing so because last night they received an email from the Federal Administration of Civil Protection to stop the verification, Avaz writes.

”Respirators are in one room, under lock and no can use until they are verified. There is no chance that they will be in function without that,” said Vahid Jusufovic, director of the University Clinical Centre Tuzla. 

As they said from FUCZ, Mustafa Kadribegovic made such a decision after the media addresses the director of the Institute for Accreditation, Zeljko Medak, that this institute did not accredit Verlab for the verification of respirators. 

”If it is confirmed that Verlab’s job is legal, the verification will continue, if they do not have authorizations, they will not be able to do that job,” said Kadribegovic. 

The disputed respirators were never entered in the register of the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of BiH, because, as Kadribegovic says, it was an emergency import.

”With all the efforts we have made in recent days to deliver ventilators, which the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) purchased from China in April, to hospitals as soon as possible and put them in operation, we are constantly in a situation to defend ourselves from attacks by individuals and certain media in which they claim that they are faulty devices, that they are not for patients with coronavirus, and that a few days ago they were installed by unprofessional engineers, an unauthorized company, and that we play with human lives in Federation of BiH,” said the FBiH Civil Protection Administration.

As they emphasize in the statement, since these are extremely dangerous claims that can cause panic and fear among citizens and patients, they are again forced to react and emphasize that none of them is playing with human lives and that they approach this whole process extremely responsibly, from hiring a service technician, through manufacturer’s warranties, to certificates issued to hospitals during installation.

“We repeat and emphasize: ventilators are installed by a company that has a business cooperation agreement with a company that is the only authorized representative and repairer of manufacturers from China. The validation of the ventilator is guaranteed by the manufacturer and their representative, i.e. an authorized service technician. The correctness of the ventilator is guaranteed by the certificate of the company that installs them, and the use is in accordance with all the specifications provided by the manufacturer, for which the service technicians have trained doctors,” it is sad in the statement.

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