When to expect BiH Council of Ministers to be formed?

December 16, 2018 11:00 AM

President of HDZ Party and Former Member of BiH Presidency Dragan Covic said that the Council of Ministers should be formed by the end of January, and that the longest waiting will be for the establishment of authority at the Federation BiH level.

At the meeting in Orasje, Covic informed members of the HDZ from Posavina about what the party leadership is doing to establish a government at the FBiH level.

“On one hand, with the full participation of the HDZ BiH, and the Croatian National Parliament, and on the other hand we will also intend to fulfilling our obligations in relation to the Election Law,” Covic said.

Covic said that HDZ BiH should now be preparing for some forthcoming elections and think about how to implement quality election results at multiple levels of government.

He added that HDZ BiH, based on good election results, could form a government in the Posavina Canton in the next month.

“I believe that the HDZ has sent this very clear message that it is ready to enter into all the in-party elections that will take place in April,” Covic added, Klix reports.



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