What was agreed at the Meeting of BH Prime Minister and his Counterpart?

The main topic of conversation between Prime Minister Denis Zvizdic and Alexis Tsipras during their meeting that took place in Mostar was the establishment of better relations between the two countries and the support to the European path of BiH.

After the meeting, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic stated that they discussed several very important issues that refer to relations between the two countries.

“We especially discussed the European perspective of BiH and the Western Balkans. I noted that this is the most important foreign policy goal of BiH. Moreover, I introduced Tsipras with the fact that obtaining candidacy status and activating MAP are the two most important messages for BiH,” stated Zvizdic.

Greece is great advocate of European BiH, noted Zvizdic, and added that they also discussed the topic of economic co-operation between the two countries, as well as a more frequent organization of business forums and better relationship between entrepreneurs.

“We also talked about the idea of establishing a direct airline between Athens and Sarajevo, and the ministries will continue working on the process of realization of that idea,” stated Chairman Zvizdic.

Prime Minister Tsipras stated that it is finally possible to talk about strong European perspective of this region after many years, and that Greece is supporting everything.

“Our support for the development and the European perspective of BiH was and still is unquestionable. Greece helped the construction and renovation of numerous school buildings in Srebrenica, a hospital in Sarajevo, we helped the reconstruction of Orthodox churches, mosques, and government building that was named the “Friendship Building of Our Nations”. We also agreed on activation of the Memorandum of Understanding  from 2013, which will enable more quality co-operation in the field of knowledge exchange,” stated Alexis Tsipras.

The Prime Minister of Greece received the Mostar Peace Charter at the traditional ceremony that is organized by the Center for Peace of Mostar, on the occasion of the anniversary of the reconstruction of the Old Bridge.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba, Photo: Fena/Mario Obrdalj)


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