What is the Number of BH Citizens who renounced their Citizenship?

Only in the last four years, 16,708 citizens have renounced of their BH citizenships, and they paid almost 10 million BAM for administrative taxes.

To become a citizen of Germany, Austria, Norway, or some other country, BiH citizens need to pay 800 BAM for waivers, SrpskaInfo reports.

In order to become citizens of some of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, the tax amounts to 200 BAM.

However, there are no many cases like this because Croatia and Serbia have a dual citizenship agreement.

As previously confirmed for the Srpskainfo in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, citizens are most often waived of their nationality to become citizens of Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Norway, Denmark or the Czech Republic.

Since the end of the war, by the end of last year, around 83,700 citizens gave up their BH citizenship, was confirmed in this ministry.

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