What is the Number of Beneficiaries of Social Assistance in BiH?

Although there is a much bigger number of people living in Bosnia and Herzegovina(BiH) who struggles to survive due to low income, only the most vulnerable in society are entitled to social assistance. According to statistics, there are 133,942 people who receive social help in BiH.

Thus, the amount of permanent financial assistance in the Federation of BiH ranges from ten to 20 percent of the average net salary. The amount of this aid is calculated in a way to supplement the income of the individual or family and reach 20 percent of the average monthly net salary.

When all is calculated, the monthly social assistance in FBiH amounts from 100 to 120 BAM.

The amount of permanent financial assistance for individuals in Republika Srpska is 15 percent of the average net salary in this entity. For instance, two-member families receive 20 percent of the base,  family with three members 24 percent of the base, four members 27 percent and with six and more members 30 percent of the basic net salary in RS.

Data from the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy reveals that the FBiH has a total of 73,016 beneficiaries of social assistance and most of them are living in Sarajevo Canton, hence 15,685 users, and Tuzla Canton, 15,622 users.

Una-Sana Canton has 2,546 beneficiaries of social assistance, Posavina Canton 2,664 beneficiaries, Zenica-Doboj Canton 16,838 beneficiaries, Central Bosnia Canton 9,367 beneficiaries, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton 6,297 beneficiaries, West Herzegovina Canton 1,940 and Canton 10, 1,747 beneficiaries of social assistance, Klix.ba news portal reports.


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