What is the Cause of the Big Stain in Vrbas River?

The flowering of algae in part of Vrbas River during this period of the year is not natural because flowering in such a large volume, most often, means that there are many toxins in the water.

If a big stain on the Vrbas, which brought fear to the citizens of Banja Luka, was made by algal bloom or release of pigment, then the competent authorities should as soon as possible find out what has led to such a change in the river now.

This is the view of the Center for the Environment of Banja Luka, for which Srpskainfo pointed out that such changes on the river are characteristic for the summer, ie July and August when the temperature of the water in Vrbas is much higher than it is now.

“It is necessary to determine what caused algal blooms now when the temperatures are not so high. We follow the situation in this part of Vrbas, we are in contact with fishermen who know the situation on the river. We cannot speculate on the causes of such stains or changes because there is still not enough information for such a thing, but it is precisely for this reason that it is urgent to inform the public of these causes and measures taken, especially if drinking water quality is compromised in the city.”

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