What is the Amount of State of Public Debt of BiH?

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) adopted the Information on the State of Public Debt of Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 30th, 2019, which will be submitted by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury to the BiH Parliamentary Assembly.

The public debt of Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 30 this year amounted to 11 billion and 157.49 million BAM, of which the external debt amounted to 8.2 billion BAM while the domestic debt amounted to 2.9 billion BAM.

The share of BiH public debt in gross domestic product (GDP) is 31.42%.

In the total state of public debt, the Federation of BiH participates with 59.91%, the Republika Srpska with 47.97%, the institutions of BiH with 0.65% and the Brcko District with 0.47%.

Public debt increased by 50.85 million BAM compared to the end of 2018, or 0.46%, with external debt reduced by 1.49 million BAM, while domestic debt increased by 52.34 million BAM.

More than half of the debt on new loans, 59.8%, refers to loans aimed at the realization of infrastructure projects, 25.8% to loans intended for the public sector, while 14.3% of new loans are engaged in commercial activities.

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