What is Number of Unemployed Persons in BiH?

According to the BiH Labor and Employment Agency data, on 31st May 2019 there were 406,685 persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the records of the Employment Service.

Compared with the previous month, the number of unemployed is lower by 4,141 persons or 1.73 percent. Out of the total number of job seekers, 230,669 or 56.72 percent are women.

Unemployment in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina decreased by 5,462 (1.74%), in Republika Srpska by 1,361 (1.49%) and in Brcko District of BiH (318) (3.92%).

The highest number of registered unemployed persons are those with third-degree education workers, 31.90 percent, and 28 percent of other workers.

In May, a total of 20,473 persons were removed from the employment service records, out of which 12,837 persons were employed. At the same time, for 7,423 persons, the employer declined the employment requirement for 4,697 new employees during that period.

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