What is Number of employed Persons in BiH?

January 9, 2019 4:07 PM

In October 2018, the number of persons in paid employment in BiH amounted to 813.205, out of which there were 346.520 women. As compared to September 2018, the number of persons in paid employment increased by 0,6% and the number of employed women also increased by 0,6%.

The number of unemployed persons in October 2018 compared to September 2018 decreased by 0,9% and the number of unemployed women also decreased by 0,5%.

According to BiH Agency for Statistics, in October 2018, the number of registered unemployed in BiH amounted to 437.783.

If we take 2016 as a base year (2016 = 100) and compare October 2018 with the same month of 2017, we will notice that the number of unemployed decreased by 7,9 index points, or in absolute terms the number of people registered as unemployed decreased by 40.408.

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