What is agreed at the Meeting of Republika Srpska President and Entity Parties?

Republika Srpska President Zeljka Cvijanovic held on Tuesday in Banja Luka a meeting with representatives of parliamentary political parties in RS.

The President of the Republika Srpska said that the united commitment of all political factors in the RS is signed, adding that they concluded they will continue to celebrate the Day of the Republic, that it is January 9th, and that it is a historical fact, and that it is not in the mandate of the BiH Constitutional Court to decide on it.

President Cvijanovic said after a meeting with representatives of parliamentary political parties in RS that a joint statement was signed stating that the decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH on RS Day is politically motivated and by nature more political than legal.

The President of the Republic emphasized that RS has the authority to adopt the Law on Holidays and that such a law does not exist at the BiH level.

“The dominant story at the meeting was to talk about relations within BiH and what are the priority things that RS institutions need to work on, what are the potential challenges and how we will always respond to them. It is a huge political capital. It is a clear statement that we have answers to all questions and that relations within BiH have become unbearable. We want these things to be urgently brought to the order, because there are other priorities to deal with, “said the president of Republika Srpska, News Agency Patria reports.

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