What are Development Options for the Gas Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Citizens and the economy need a stable gas sector, and in order to have it, we need a harmonized legislative and regulatory framework.

The Draft State Gas Law that has been pending for approval for a long time enables implementation of any option for determination of tariffs and regulation of the natural gas transmission as presented during the two-day conference “Development options for the gas sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina” that was held in Jahorina.

In addition to the development of the primary legislation it is very important to work on development of secondary legislation that will provide for detailed framework of the gas sector in Bosnia and Herzegovine”, said Ognjen Markovic, USAID EIA Chief of Party.

Emphasizing that after a long time of silence in the gas sector, the discussion among all actors in the sector was finally restarted, Ognjen Marković said that certain issues were clarified and that an positive atmosphere is created which could lead to positive changes.

“In the past year, the USAID Energy Investment Activity has produced 12 reports dealing with the gas sector. I believe that when we compile them into one document together with the recommendations, they will be a good basis for the sector reform“, said Markovic adding that he is optimistic and expects a positive step forward when it comes to the development of the gas sector.

At the end of the conference, it was reiterated once again that Bosnia and Herzegovina currently have only one source of natural gas supply and that it must make efforts to provide alternative sources so that citizens and the economy will not be left without this important energy source.

The entire conference can be viewed on the USAID YouTube channel.

 The USAID Energy Investment Activity (USAID EIA) has been launched with the mission of supporting the development of the energy sector in BiH, which is of key importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s accession to the European Union. Several events of vital importance for the reform of the energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been held so far within the project, and one of them is the Energy Summit, which is held for five years in Neum.

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