Welcome the New Year outdoors in Sarajevo with Dino Merlin!

b_161112017For the first time in his career, the most popular BiH songwriter and singer Dino Merlin will have an outdoor concert on New Year’s Eve in Sarajevo, traditionally organized by the City Administration of the City of Sarajevo.

Dino Merlin and the City of Sarajevo have reached a final agreement and Merlin’s team is taking over the details of the organization.

Tour Hotel Nacional, which enters the final stage of its trip around the world this year, is ready to perform again in the city which offered it the shiniest moment in the past three years – Sarajevo. The crown of the tour which hosted more than 500.000 people was certainly the evening of July 25, 2015 when 70.000 spectators filled the largest BiH stadium in the capital city, Koševo, and the unique Dino Merlin prepared a show that is still being talked about. It was a success which has never been recorded before.

More than a year after that night, Dino, his team and audience have a new chance to write history. For the first time in his career, which has been ongoing for 30 years, the wizard of Sarajevo will perform in his hometown, on his field, on the most amazing evening of the year!

The aim of the city administration is to raise the New Year’s Eve in Sarajevo to a whole another level and concert of Dino Merlin will certainly make Sarajevo the destination number one in the region.

Location of the concert is still unknown and will be determined by Merlin and his team.

(Source: klix.ba)

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