The War Childhood Museum is a Candidate for the European Museum of the Year

December 6, 2017 5:00 PM

The War Childhood Museum is the finalist for the European Museum Forum Award, along with 39 other museums from 22 European countries. These are the most prestigious awards in the museum industry that have been awarded since 1977.

At this choice, four main awards are awarded: European Museum of the Year, Council of Europe Award, Silletto Award, and Kenneth Hudson Award. Each of them represents an exquisite prestige and recognition in the museum world.

The aim of the “European Museum of the Year” event is to recognize the excellence of the European museum scene and to encourage and promote innovative processes in the museum industry in the international context. The awards are awarded to the museums that manifestly contribute to attracting different audiences, who stand out with the quality of visits and satisfaction of visitors, a unique atmosphere, creative presentation, and innovative approaches to education and social responsibility.

The founder of the War Childhood Museum, Jasminko Halilovic, said: “When we founded the War Childhood Museum, we promised excellence and we stood behind that promise. I think the Museum of War Childhood is really an exception at the European museum scene: it appeared in spite of the state, in less than a year it started projects on three continents and became an international platform for people sharing this experience. “



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