Who wants to have Visible or Invisible Influence in BiH?

Russia has no strategic goals in BiH, said Petar Ivancov after the article on the Russian influence in the Balkans, which was published in the Foreign Affairs.

“A relationship Dodik-Covic-Putin would prevent BiH from progressing towards the EU and NATO, and these are existential issues. BiH must join NATO because that would mean its survival, it would resolve the question of whether BiH will disintegrate and this is the worst case scenario for them. Therefore, they are now working to prevent this scenario of joining the NATO Alliance,” stated Jasmin Mujanovic, a political scientist, and political analyst.

Interferences in the internal affairs of Macedonia and Montenegro were disturbed, which is why the focus is now on BiH,” said Mujanovic. On the question whether the answer to the interference in internal affairs in the Balkans lies in Macedonia, the Ambassador of Russia answers:

“If anyone is interfering in Macedonia, it is definitely not Russia. That is an absolutely artificial story. We have interests here, we are developing a relationship with BiH, including the RS, but if influences are mentioned, it looks like a horror movie. We have no strategic goals towards BiH,” stated Petar Ivancov, the Ambassador of Russia to BiH.

But they have tactical goals, as stated by the foreign analyst Zlatko Hadzidedic. The interest of Russia is to push the West from Ukraine. And the best way to achieve that is through the geopolitical center of the Balkans.

Croatia has no honest intentions in BiH, stated Emir Suljagic from the Civic Alliance while commenting the trio Dodik-Covic-Putin. Their dream about the disintegration of BiH, said Suljagic, is dating from the time of the agreement Cvetkovic – Macek. These goals are now just redefined. He also considers the visit of Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic to Moscow in two weeks as indicative.

“I do not know how intellectually blind you have to be not to see what is actually happening now. The statement of Grabar Kitarovic in which she says that BiH represents the refuge place for 10,000 Islamic radicals are not just malevolent but they are given in order to show that you cannot live with Muslims and that they should be fenced by the constitutional, electoral law, or if you want, in a way as it was back in ‘ 1993,” said Emir Suljagic, the President of the Civic Alliance.

Visible or hidden influence, Russia or some other countries, friendship Dodik-Covic, and Dodik-Russia are an old story. It is true that Russia has advocated for the Croatian issue in BiH on several occasions, which does not mean, according to analysts, that there are no more than one problematic party in BiH.

(Source: N1)

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