He wants to get to New Zealand with 1.500 EUR: He visited Sarajevo and got astonished

August 2, 2017 7:45 AM

Tomica Krstic from Varazdin is an adventurer who decided to travel to New Zealand for three years with a budget of 1,500 EUR. He named this challenging journey “Journey to Middle-Earth”.

He gets his finances through volunteering in exchange for accommodation and food and he occasionally finds a weekly job in exchange for some money. During the trip, Tomica visited Sarajevo and described his experience on his blog.

“We arrived in Sarajevo around midnight where my “savior”, my driver, left me right in front of Agata’s house where I had arranged accommodation through the Couch surfing site. I offered him a hand and thanked him. I noticed a bell in front of Agata’s house, on the fence, and I rang. Contrary to what I expected, Agata’s face welcomed me with a huge smile from ear to ear. After a hug which is some kind of coaching manners, we went into the house and I soon fall asleep on the couch in the living room.

It was raining in Sarajevo, day after day, and the rain held me detained in Agata’s house for four days. Since the weather was bad, I decided to do some culinary work. As a sign of gratitude for hosting me, I decided to cook a little in return. Agata does not live alone, she has two roommates who are also students. You know that student life is not about warm food, but it is more compatible with the unhealthy, fast food. Since I know how to make only two dishes, I was making them all the time. In the next couple of months, I need to improve my cooking skills on a higher level and learn at least five or six meals that I will know how to prepare.

The last night in Sarajevo took me to a jazz club where gypsy-jazz musicians performed, whose concert was sold out a long time ago. The club was totally full and they were not letting anyone else in. But there is always an alternative. After 10 PM, when people started leaving the club, security guards started to let in all those people who were standing in front of the entrance door and thus got rid of the big crowd in front of the club. I used the opportunity, mingled with the others, and went into the club. Since jazz is my favorite music, this combination with the gypsy note “sat” me perfectly.

I learned a great lesson about leaving the city from one of my trips to England, Ireland, and Scotland. I learned that it is better to pick up some local bus and go to the edge of the city, rather than walking for two hours with a full backpack, and thinking on every one hundred meters that the end of the walk will come soon. Thus, after an hour of walking, I started looking for a bus that is going to Serbia. I found it soon, put my backpack in it, and sat on the back of it on my way to Serbia.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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