These are the most wanted Professions in BiH

January 9, 2018 4:15 PM

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is currently producing a large number of economists and lawyers, and the largest number of people with these qualifications are on the labor market.

There is a low number of “craftsman”,  but there is a growing demand for them. In the best position, however, are IT experts. Do you consider retraining?

The fourth digital era has not skipped BiH, therefore the IT sector is always in demand for quality staff, and companies in BiH offer solid financial packages and quality of work at the level of European and world companies. But, they are looking for: improvement of education, retraining, training and will.

Lack of skilled workers, especially craftsmen, have been felt by Western and Central European countries, and BiH is often the destination for finding the right person for each profession.

However, the BH market’s activity has dropped in the last three years, the employment has somewhat increased, while unemployment has varied.

According to official statistics, BiH is one of the countries in the region that is at the top of the unemployment list, and is the first out of 134 countries in the world to youth unemployment. But paradoxically, despite the high level of unemployment, jobs exist, and employers find it difficult to find a suitable staff.

The leading agency for employment mediation in BiH is community “”, at whose website in 2017 over 22.000 jobs have been opened.


In BiH, the most wanted are:


2.Call agent

3.The waiter/Bartender


5.Programmer/Software Developer





10.Security guard


Incompatibility in the labor market needs and staff qualifications is present in almost all sectors.

Although education has always been a prerequisite for good job, the growing trend for potential employers is to hire staff with so-called “soft skills”, and insist on foreign language skills, computer work, and positive attitude.




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