Waiting at Border Crossings no more than an Hour

April 28, 2017 3:15 PM

border crossingIn most part of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) flow of traffic is normal, there is a warning about the occasional strong winds, as well as frequent escarpments.

The roads are dry, but there is a temporary, current works on the sections of the highway A-1 Butila-Sarajevo west-Lepenica (viaduct Bojnik and near the Igman tunnel) and Zenica south-Kakanj (in Donji Tičići) as well as the main roads: M-18 Sarajevo-Semizovac, M-17 Žepče -Maglaj, M-18 Simin Han-Priboj, M-17 Jablanica-Mostar and M-14.1 Brčko-Bijeljina. There are traffic signals on the previously mentioned sections and its compliance is compulsory.

At border crossing Bosanski Brod, the entrance to BiH, waiting is more than an hour, while at other border crossings it is not longer than 30 minutes.

There are works on the territory of Croatia and at border crossing Bosanski Brod-Slavonski Brod and Orašje-Županja border crossings, which results in slower traffic at these border crossings.

Because of works in Montenegro, it is not recommended to use the Klobuk border crossing (09-11 o’clock and 13-15 o’clock).


(Source: bihamk)


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