Vrelo Bosne: No infected birds with N5H8 Virus

March 6, 2017 5:00 PM

Vrelo Bosne Source NKP baAfter the birds from the Zoo were infected with the N5H8 virus and after the analysis of the reference laboratory at the Veterinary Faculty in Sarajevo was done, the same analysis was carried out on samples of swans on Vrelo Bosne park.

The head of reference laboratories Teufik Goletić said that the test is negative, which means that the swans at the Vrelo Bosne did not come in contact with infected birds.

After the H5N8 virus appeared in Prijedor and in the region, the Veterinary Office of BiH appealed to owners of poultry to intensify the implementation of biosecurity measures on their farms and prevent contact of wild and domestic birds.

Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton has increased the number of control of places where the poultry, ornamental chickens, peacocks and pigeons are held. So far the control of poultry and other birds showed no clinical manifestations characteristic of this difficult disease.


The assumption says that the disease has been introduced through contact with wild migratory birds and ducks, whose presence is noted on the infected areas.


There is no direct danger to people if the birds are infected with the bird flu.


(Source: klix)



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