Volunteers made a “Rescue Room” for Migrants in Bosnia


Foreign and domestic volunteers helping migrants in the Una-Sana Canton have created a “rescue room” in the middle of a forest near the Bosnian border with Croatia.

According to German activist Dirk Planert, who has been in the Krajina for months, they can accommodate 15 people, and they have been provided with a wood stove to keep them warm.

“Fortunately, the ‘jungle’ camp Vucjak is closed, but we still have our hands full. We find people in the forests, near the European Union external border, who are on their way to the EU or illegally returned from Croatia. We regularly encounter larger groups of young people, including women and children. Every day we buy different things. A package of wood for those who sleep outside or in the rubble costs 1.25 Euros, lunch package costs three euros and it includes bread, water, chocolate, sardines, honey, apples, etc, “Planert said.

They leave packages in different locations where migrants reside, such as old factories, war ruins and forest.  He points out that despite the cold, some are still trying to go “game”, but most are waiting for spring, Klix.ba news portal reports.

He appealed to donors for help, saying they lacked boots number 43 and 44, sleeping bags, warm socks and long pants.

“We still have a lot of clothing donations from donations we received before Christmas, so we only buy things we didn’t get.

There is very little money and we need to buy things urgently in the next few days. Please help so we can continue to work for people endangered. It’s very cold in Bosnia. Thank you for all your support, “Planert wrote.

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