Viskovic: We expect the first Shipment of the “Sputnik V” Vaccine in February

The Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska, Radovan Viskovic, emphasized that the RS has started procuring vaccines against the coronavirus through a direct agreement with suppliers, pointing out that the finalization of the agreement and delivery of the Russian “Sputnik V” is near, and that about 100.000 doses should be delivered in February.

Viskovic emphasized that 400.000 doses of this vaccine should be in RS soon.

The Prime Minister of RS added that negotiations for the procurement of vaccines have been started with the Chinese as well.

“Our estimate is to provide vaccines for about 50 percent of the population, which will be free and voluntary, although the World Health Organization says that countries should provide vaccines for about 30 percent of its population,” said Viskovic.

He added that he would like all citizens of Srpska to be vaccinated and that, if interest is expressed for mass vaccination, a sufficient number of vaccines will be provided.

Viskovic pointed out that several aspects are being worked on in order to procure vaccines against the coronavirus.

“Everyone in BiH is a little deceived because we thought that some things will go easier if we follow the rest of the world, which is why we entered the COVAX system together with 186 other countries. RS settled its expenses for 400.000 doses, FBiH was a few days late, but they paid in the end. However, none of those 186 countries received vaccines through this system “, Viskovic noted, BHRT writes.

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