Visegrad City to become a Regional Construction Site?

The mayor of the Municipality of Visegrad Mladen Djurevic said that a lot has been done for the development of the city in the past year, but a lot more still needs to be done with the aim of prosperity.

“We took the mandate in a great chaos, the budget was in the deficit of about 700,000 BAM, and we are managing to improve the image of the city and to make good results with our hard work and effort,” said Djurevic.

“In order for citizens to be familiar with all the activities that we are conducting, we have created an official website that was well-received among citizens, and thus we opened the doors to our business partners and future investors,” said Djurevic.

He also noted that the municipality invested in agricultural incentives as well, and they also paid a great attention to the Organization of War Veterans, for which was allocated a total of 200,000 BAM.

According to him, the municipality has invested large funds into infrastructure projects, including the new road on Garca, the reconstruction of the road Sase-Visegradska banja, public lighting, road reconstruction, and the construction of the access road to Andricgrad and the new border crossing in Vardiste. They will continue the construction of water supply system for the settlement Prelovo in the future period as well.

“New works will start in spring, so Visegrad will become a major construction site in the following year. The reconstruction of the main street will be done, as well as children’s playground and reconstruction of the pipelines in settlements of Crnca, Bikavac, Seganj, and Vucina,” noted Djurevic.

“Visegrad will become a regional construction site because we will start a dozen other important projects so that citizens will feel the prosperity in all spheres of society,” said Mayor Djurevic.


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