Version of Uber finally available in BiH?

December 17, 2017 12:00 PM

One of the applications for transport of passengers, which operates on the principle of popular Uber, is finally available in BiH. This is a mobile application called, and it is aimed at connecting drivers with passengers.

In this kind of companies, unlike standard taxi service, passengers order a vehicle through the mobile application by entering their exact location and destination. This type of transport has numerous advantages in comparison to standard taxi service.

You can see where is your vehicle and when it will pick you up.

Moreover, you can also see which vehicle and driver will come to pick you up. Payments are conducted through the app as well, so it is not possible that you pay more than you should.

The company that started the application was registered in the United States. They purchased the domain at the end of September and made an internet site in BiH, and they already started with google advertising. They are currently inviting drivers to contact them and citizens to download their app.

To recall, Uber is the largest US and worldwide company that is operating in this way, but there is a large number of other applications that are functioning on this model of operation as well.




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