The Verdict to Ratko Mladic brings New Facts for Revision

mladicBy the end of the week, the legal team of BiH led by Sakib Softic should file a request for review of the judgment of the International Court of Justice.

The legal team will concentrate on proving the international responsibility of the Republic of Serbia, to prove that Serbia directly committed the crime of genocide in the territory of BiH, alternatively that Serbia was complicit in the commission of the crime of genocide in the territory of BiH in the critical period.

“The legal question is whether Serbia and its government and Montenegro can be connected with the crimes on the field. It is not disputed that their forces participated in different ways, in combat, logistics and so on, but the standard is very high. It connects the action of these forces on the ground,” said Vasvija Vidovic, a legal expert.

“Certainly new facts will be drawn from the closing arguments of the Prosecutor in the trial of Ratko Mladic, which is completed in December. Transcripts are still done on closing arguments and the prosecutor, and there is a lot of new evidence, new facts, new documents, and there were not even two months yet, so it will be available to use,” says Emir Zlatar, member of the foundation Justice for BiH, which largely financed legal team.

The submission of application is a technical issue. It can be submitted by anyone, who is authorized to represent the state by a decision of the Presidency of BiH. The team for submitting the appeal considers Sakib Softic as a person for this. To recall, the decision on dismissal of Sakib Softic was never made and he was appointed by the Presidency in 2002. The active legitimacy of Softic was confirmed in the review of the judgment which the then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia submitted in 2001 to the International Court in The Hague.

(Source: Tina Jelin-Dizdar)

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