What is the Value of Cars imported to BiH in 2017?

The import of cars to BiH in the first 11 months of this year was increased by 2,412 cars in comparison to the same period last year, and there was a particular demand for used cars, but the new ones are not legging far behind.

According to the data of the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH, a total of 64,816 cars were imported during the aforementioned period. Out of these, 54,744 are used cars, which represents an increase of 2,429 cars when compared to the same period last year. When it comes to new models, a total of 10.072 of them were imported this year, which is almost the same as last year when a total of 10.089 new cars were imported. The total value of imported cars amounted to 702.160.154,12 BAM and their fees amounted to 154.638.499,07 BAM.

In the car store “Tomic” in Mostar, which is engaged in the sale of new cars, stated that their demand was increased.

“Our best-selling model was the BMW X1 and the new Series 5. We are recording an increase in the demand as well as sale of cars in the past two years,” as noted by this store. They also stated that the prices of the best-selling models are between 55,000 and 60,000 BAM or 100,000 BAM.

In the store “Hit Auto” from Banja Luka, which is engaged in selling used cars, was noted that Citroen C3 is mostly requested, and its price ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 BAM. Moreover, the buyers are also buying other famous French brands including Peugeot and Renault.

It was also added that BH importers are mostly working in cooperation with stores from Western Europe, so this all represents a chain of connected activities where a discount on one side results in interest for purchase on the other side.

It was also stated that a further increase of the import is expected and that buyers should be careful and check the paperwork in details, as well as technical specifications.






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