Vahid Halilhodzic cried as He remembered Emiliano Sala

February 8, 2019 7:30 PM

The emotional reaction of BiH selector Vahid Halilhodizic after question about the move of his Nantes club to honor the death at Emiliano Sala by pulling a withdrawal of number 9 spread to social networks.

During the day, Halilhodzic appeared to reporters at the press conference, and then, the tough question was asked.

“Sala was wearing a jersey with number 9. And you played in the same position, and carried the same number …”, one of the reporters said.

The popular Vaha raised his hands at that moment to hide the tears, and after he calmed down, he managed to answer briefly.

“He was an outstanding number 9, and I carried number nine as well, and I talked with him often. He thanked for the advice, and that’s why this is even more horrible, simply horrible,” Halilhodzic said. 

Manager Vahid Halihodzic was in tears as he told reporters he had a “special relationship” with the striker.

“He loved the club. He loved football. We will remember him forever,” he said.

“I have a lot of affection for my players as a coach. Working with him was a real pleasure.

To recall, Sala was in a Piper Malibu plane which crashed over the La Manche on January 21st as he drove to Cardiff where he wanted to continue his career.

With Sala in the plane, there was pilot David Ibbotson, and the body was found at the bottom of La Manche was picked up yesterday and was identified as Sala.




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