University Clinical Hospital Mostar refused the Donation of Chinese Respirators

The University Clinical Hospital Mostar refused the donation of Chinese respirators procured through the company Srebrena Malina. The donation was announced via a phone call from the Federal Civil Protection Administration.

Although the Mostar hospital was the first to reject respirators as a health institution headed by SDA party staff, the SKB management claims that the rejection of the donation has no political connotations, but only the attitude of the profession, writes.

Head of the Department of Anesthesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care SKB Mostar, Prim. mr. sc. Zoran Karlovic explains for that the hospital does not refuse the donation, but “does not want to take respirators that are unusable or even deadly when used”.

“These are second-class devices that are intended for disasters or I don’t even know what for. They deliver 300 milliliters at one point and 900 milliliters at another, which means that the device would literally kill a man,” Karlovic explained.

He adds that the decision to refuse to take over the respirator was signed by a team of experts at SKB Mostar, which takes care of the procurement of the necessary respirators and devices for the treatment of patients.

During the procurement of devices from the “Respirators” affair, as he reminds, two huge mistakes were made, which are inadmissible and should not be made even bigger by donating them to hospitals.

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