Una Sana Canton closed as of Today for Migrant Arrivals

As of today, the ban on the transport of migrants to the Una-Sana Canton is in force. Buses transporting migrants will be stopped at the entity line and at the entrance to Una-Sana Canton. The order was issued by the Commissioner of the Ministry of the Interior of the Una-Sana Canton and the Operational Group, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

Last night, the police intervened in the village of Purici near Velika Kladusa, where the residents of this municipality and surrounding places prevented the passage of illegal migrants.

Citizens and police were at the checkpoint until two o’clock after midnight and controlled every vehicle they suspected could be transporting migrants.

Due to the migrant crisis in Bihac, protests of citizens were announced with the aim of changing the current situation and removing foreign citizens from the streets of Bihac.

The protests will be held on August 29 in the town square.

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