UN: 48 Percent of Women have experienced some form of Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 48 percent of women have experienced some form of violence since they were 15, and in 96 percent of cases, the perpetrators of violence are men, according to “UN women BiH”.

“Violence against women and girls, which has psychological, sexual and physical consequences, is the most serious form of human rights violations,” the statement said.

Violence against women and girls is a consequence of unequal relationships in the family and society where the role of men dominates.

The statement added that the most common perpetrators of violence are intimate male partners.

This is supported by the data of the first instance courts in BiH, which in 96 percent of cases record men as perpetrators of violence.

“It is violence that prevents women from taking a full part in society and leaves consequences for the economy and public health. The estimated annual costs of responding to domestic violence in BiH amount to 65 million BAM,” it is stated.

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