Two Women from Srebrenica during Coronavirus Pandemic: We have been living without Anyone for 25 Years



In the village of Bajramovici, not far from Srebrenica, Nura Mustafic and Mafija Hadzibulic live. During the genocide in Srebrenica in July 1995, Nuri’s three sons and Mafija’s two sons were killed.

As soon as conditions were met, the two women returned to their war-ravaged homes. These days, due to the coronavirus pandemic, population protection measures have been introduced in the Srebrenica municipality, including restrictions on movement for the elderly.

Nura and the Mafija have been spending time together since they returned to their place.  That’s the way it is these days. They say they are used to being alone.

“I believe this will be over soon. You saw this property of mine. That’s where I came from, and I left with four family members and came back alone. Neither grandchildren nor anyone And, so, I do know what to say, just it is important not to get sick, and being alone is being alone, “Nura said during the interview.

She adds that she and the Mafija have been living in loneliness for almost 25 years without their loved ones killed in the Srebrenica genocide and have never thought of going anywhere else.

When the weather is nice, Nura “makes her time go by faster,” she works around the house. “We bought potatoes, and onions, carrots, parsley, thank God, we will sow everything. We will sow somehow,” Nura says.

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