Two Tons of Honey from Cazin exported to Kuwait

honey-exportCompany Med-prom sent two tons of honey, around 200,000 packets of honey, in Kuwait and the story started in the mall. The associate of Kuwaiti investors contacted director of the company and asked for 300-400 packets of honey for him to take in Kuwait.

“It was very interesting to them because they don’t have anything like that. I brought him the agreed amount and then we started negotiations, which lasted for about four months. We talked about details like the product logo to be in the English language etc. He went several times back and forth and in the end we agreed to send two tons as a test amount because the transport is very expensive, and he wanted to see if our honey will find a place in the market of Kuwait. I think that there will be no problems with the placement and finding customers, but he could not immediately take 10 tons because they do not know what to expect there,” said director Basic.

Med-prom is a company that specializes in manufacturing, processing and marketing of honey all across the country. They have a newly built object where they registered bottling of honey, with the capacity of 100 tons of honey. Their products can be found in almost all shopping centers in the whole BiH, and they are present on the market since 2000.

They have increasing demand from year to year, as well as wider assortment and production. They have permission for export, but they did not have the opportunity before to place their products somewhere and export.



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